MaxLite Dimmable A19 9W LED Bulb, 60W Equivalent, 5000K, 800 Lumens (8 Pack)


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Each order contains: (8) MaxLite Dimmable A19 9W LED Bulb, 60W Equivalent, 5000K Daylight, 800 Lumens

Description: Use these A19 LED light bulbs whether it is indoors or outdoors and even in an enclosed fixture. These are rated for all settings so you know that you can rely on these lights to last!

  • Provides 800 lumens of daylight light that will make your space feel bright and vibrant. Brighter than your standard 60-watt incandescent light bulb and is suitable for kitchens, lamps, bedrooms, bathrooms, sconces and more!
  • Use only 9 watts of power compared to a 60W standard incandescent bulb which means save more on your utilities
  • Rated to last over 25,000 hours, based on 3 hours/day usage.
  • Dimmable range from 10%-100%
  • E26 screw in base

Condition: Brand New

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