PestGuard Non-Toxic Rat Glue Traps (6 Traps)


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Each order contains: (6) PestGuard Rat Glue Traps, Non-Toxic, Ready-to-Use Rat Control

Description: PestGuard Glue Traps provide an easy way to handle your rodent problems. Non-toxic and disposable, these ready-to-use traps capture rats, mice and insects where they live and travel. They work best when placed in areas of known pest activity. Once the targeted pests are stuck to the board, simply dispose of the entire trap. PestGuard Glue Traps contain no toxins. These sticky traps also capture insects in the home. Carefully separate the glue trap, Place glue side up on floors along walls lengthwise or where pests have been seen or suspected. If no pests are caught in 2 to 3 days, move the trap to a new location. For best results, use more than one trap at a time. Dispose of the glue trap after.

  • Catches rats, mice and other household pests also traps insects in the home
  • Contains no toxins or poisons
  • Once target pests are trapped, simply dispose of the entire trap Just place glue side up in areas where pests have been seen or suspected

Condition: Brand New

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