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Quickie Plastic Mesh Scourers (10 Pack)


Regular price $15

Each order contains: (10) Quickie Plastic Mesh Scourers (Randomly Assorted Colors)

Description: The Quickie Plastic Mesh Scourers can be counted on to safely clean glass, nonstick cookware and bake ware. They also work great on sinks and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The circular mesh weave holds its shape through countless cleanings and won't rust like steel wool or other metal scourers.

  • Works great on kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • 3.5-inch diameter
  • Safe on nonstick surfaces
  • Protects knuckles and hands
  • These Quickie Plastic Mesh Scourers were repackaged for SuperValue in Shopper’s Value plastic branding. We purchase them directly from the Quickie Manufacturer

Condition: Brand New